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What makes FITNESSLAB a different type of New Braunfels gym?

At FitnessLab we believe that a successful fitness program revolves around chemistry.  Pardon the nerdy metaphor but chemistry isn’t just important to guys in lab coats with pocket protectors and $400 calculators.  It’s important to everyone.

Chemistry involves people and their unique properties.  It is developed and enhanced by interactions with other people and with energy.  Chemistry helps people realize their potential via this interaction.

All of this comes together at the FitnessLab.  We provide the space and the equipment.  Our instructors are the catalyst.  They provide sound training principles with unlimited amounts of support and encouragement.  There is no program of this caliber at another facility in New Braunfels .  We wholeheartedly believe in a supportive environment where people can come together with one goal in mind – positive change and improvement.

At the FitnessLab every member has a name.  Every name has a story.  Every story matters.


At FitnessLab we know that the main reason you join a fitness club or gym is because you want to get results, fast. It might be weight loss, to tone your body shape, or to challenge yourself to become fit and strong. We all know results can come from a range of fitness options, but on your own, it’s easier to stop when the going gets hard. That’s where THE GROUP EFFECT comes in.

Here at the FitnessLab, we are passionate about group fitness and the energy of many. Exercise should be fun, not a chore, and we offer you LES MILLS™ group fitness as the most powerful way to get the motivation, inspiration and results you are looking for.

Working out in a group gives you the confidence and support you need to unleash yourself – to enjoy your experience so it becomes addictive! Group exercise suits all fitness levels, no matter how fit you are. You’ll gain strength from exercising with others and you’ll motivate each other to work harder, and push yourself just a little more.

All LES MILLS™ classes are scientifically backed, and proven all around the world. Every class is packed full of chart-topping music, inspiring qualified instructors, and the latest cutting-edge choreography, delivering your total live group effect experience.

We are proud of the tremendous support we have received from the community.  Visit our partners page to learn about the businesses who helped make FitnessLab a reality.

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classes photos location schedule staff join