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social wellness

How Social Wellness Improves Your Health

There isn’t enough we can say about MyFitnessPal – they’re simply just amazing! Here’s another one of their incredible articles that explains how your social connections (real ones, not the digital kind) can affect your overall health. You do everything right for your health, from tracking food and eating nutrient-dense options to working out regularly,…

Cooking oils

Cooking Oils 101

This article appeared on the MyFitnessPal blog. We love MyFitnessPal! Not only is it our tracker of choice, but their blog is one that we follow as it provides great fitness and nutrition tips that are proven and effective. Below is an article they wrote about the various types of cooking oils and how they’re...
fitness affects business

How Your Fitness Affects Your Business’s Health

The following is adapted from Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief by Chris Cooper. “Fitness” is commonly used to describe physical readiness and ability. However, entrepreneurs need more than physical fitness: we need to measure our fitness in skills like mental acuity, productivity, leadership, and resilience. “Fitness” in the entrepreneurial sense is the readiness and ability to…