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fitness affects business

How Your Fitness Affects Your Business’s Health

The following is adapted from Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief by Chris Cooper. “Fitness” is commonly used to describe physical readiness and ability. However, entrepreneurs need more than physical fitness: we need to measure our fitness in skills like mental acuity, productivity, leadership, and resilience. “Fitness” in the entrepreneurial sense is the readiness and ability to…

Winner, Winners with Chicken Dinners

In case you missed it, our 77-Day Challenge has come to a close and our winners have been chosen. Tammy and Cullen did absolutely amazing, as shown via their Fit3D scans. And it wasn’t just them. While Tammy and Cullen may have been the biggest “losers”, everyone who completed the challenge posted some pretty amazing…

How CrossFit is Changing how the World Views “Skinny”

In a time where we’re constantly bombarded with images that project unrealistic expectations on how healthy should look, CrossFit athletes (both competitive and non-competitive) are quickly replacing the notion that super-slender equals super-healthy. Today, it’s all about fitspiration and having a body that’s healthy and capable of anything you need it to accomplish. Find out...

Daily Eating Habits That Strengthen Your Workouts

There’s more to exercise than meets the eye. Sure, an active lifestyle keeps your heart healthy and joints functioning but did you know that it also gives your brain a boost? But how can something that exhausts the body be good for our mental health? Wouldn’t it increase stress? According to clinical psychologist Jenny C....