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New Braunfels #1 CrossFit Training Facility

We Provide World Class CrossFit Training

Whether you are training for sport or training for life, we’ve got the workout program you need.  With constantly varied workouts and a dynamic community to train with, CrossFit is not just another boring gym fad… it’s a state of mind, a philosophy, and a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because CrossFit is for people of all ages, and for those with drive and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. Get started with a FREE No Sweat Intro designed for beginners, and discover if CrossFit is the right fit for you.

Personal Training

One-on-one or small group training

Access a one-on-one session or organize personal training for you and one or two close friends. This is an awesome way for beginners to learn the requirements of training, or for experienced gym-goers to take their fitness to the next level.


Learn the basics

In this program we show you what you’re supposed to do when you show up to the gym. We teach you all of the basic movements and help you get comfortable with this new environment. Join our fun and supportive Elements Program to start your transformation the right way.


The global fitness phenomenon

Train for sport or train for life! Get your body moving the way it is supposed to move and be ready for whatever life throws at you! CrossFitters get fit, lose weight, tone up and GET STRONG! Every class offers a new challenge in a friendly and fun environment.


Move some steel

Train like an Olympic lifter at our weights-only Oly-lifting classes. These skill and technique sessions will help you reach new personal bests under the watchful eyes of our coaching staff. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you go from ‘so-so’ to ‘super strong’ when you stick with these sessions.

24/7 Open Gym

Catch up on what you have missed

If you haven’t made it to a class, make up the time during non-class hours. Work on your weaknesses, supplement your training routine and keep your strength and fitness goals on track.


Tone and Tighten

Programming for anyone who wants to tone, tighten and strengthen particular areas. It’s all about functional strength – if you have specific aesthetic goals, FLCF Body is the program for you!


Where it all begins

Have you heard the saying “you can’t out-train a bad diet”? Well, we’re here to tell you – it’s true. No matter how much you workout, your bad diet will either catch up with you or hold you back altogether. We’ve created a nutrition program designed to help individuals make the changes they need in simple, manageable ways.

Interested In Trying Out A Class?

Join us for a workout! Fill out the inquiry form below to get started.


Phone: 830 387 4549