So You’re Ready to Compete in Your First CrossFit Competition?

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So You’re Ready to Compete in Your First CrossFit Competition?

So, you’re ready to compete in your first crossfit competition in New Braunfels? That’s awesome! There are a variety of competition to choose from, including the CrossFit Open, our Best of The Wurst competition, an in-gym competition or any affiliated competitions in your local area.

There are a number of different ways to prepare yourself for these competitions and CrossFit’s community spirit means there will always be support as you prepare for an event. Even you’re a beginner, you won’t be the only one.

Below are just a few of the ways to get yourself ready for a CrossFit competition in New Braunfels.

Tips for getting CrossFit comp-ready


Every CrossFit athlete has weaknesses and strengths as there are so many different exercises and workouts involved. Prior to entering the competition, highlight where your weaknesses are and dedicate time each week to work on them. Just like any sport, practice makes perfect and you will gain more out of concentrating on your weak spots than on your strengths.

The beauty of competing in the CrossFit Open for your first comptition is that it has been going for so long and there is a long list of common exercises performed each year. Research these and find out what movements are most likely to be conducted. Practice and train these moves so you are comfortable performing them. We run the Open workouts during multiple sessions so you’ll always have the opportunity to perform the workout as many times as you feel necessary.

Training partners

If you have been training for any lengthy period of time there are likely partners who you train with regularly and see more often than your other friends. Get together with them and create some healthy competition during the Open to keep each other accountable. Sometimes, a nice little rivalry can help you push each other further.

Power up

Prior to a competition, you need to fuel your body right. Create an eating plan and stick to it so you know you are in peak physical form. Include fresh veggies, low GI carbs and plenty of protein but aim to be well-fuelled instead of trying to lose weight so you always have plenty of energy.

Similarly, stick to your warm-up and cool-down routine. You don’t want to injure yourself the week before the comp.

Move beyond the basics

If you have the basics down, you are ready to enter a crossfit competition in New Braunfels. To be really well prepared, go back and practice your pull ups, double unders and your Olympic Barbell movements.

From here, you can progress to more advanced skills. If you can easily do pull-ups, test to see if you are able to manage chest to bar pull-ups or bar muscle ups. You might have strong push-up abilities, so see if you can go to the next level and test out your handstand push-ups.

CrossFit is for everyone and has stages of competition for all skill levels. If you find yourself becoming more advanced than your peers, perhaps set yourself a challenge during the Open or at our Best of the Wurst CrossFit competition in New Braunfels. If you aren’t quite ready for that level of awesomeness, just test yourself against your PBs or against your training partners.

Competition might scare you but the results you can achieve when you push yourself out of your comfort zone could surprise you. If you follow these steps and have confidence in your own ability you will be ready, so go out and give it a go!

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