Will Log for Gains

Apps, amirite? Our phones are filled with them. There’s an app for almost everything we need and do, and many of us use a ton of them. And now? Now you have to keep up with another one.

Unlike the compass app, however, this one is deserving of your precious smartphone storage. It’s the MyFitnessPal app and it’s our preferred app for logging your food.

While logging (or tracking) your food via the MyFitnessPal app does not affect your overall points (it’s the tracker sheets that count!), we’ve recommended it for very good reason: tracking your food is beneficial to your weight loss and MyFitnessPal is the gold standard for food logging.

In addition to its integration with our preferred nutrition program, Healthy Steps Nutrition, MyFitnessPal:

  • Allows you to easily track the amount of protein, carbs, and fat you are getting in per day.
  • Allows you to see how close you are getting to your goals every day (weight loss, or gain, is a numbers game).
  • Allows you to make an educated decision on what you are eating.
  • When connected to your MFP account, the HSN exclusive app allows your nutrition coach to see a quick breakdown of daily intake vs your goals.
  • The HSN recipes are already in MFP so you can easily add your prepared meals as a food.

While our food logging app of choice is MyFitnessPal, we understand it may not be your cup of water. So, if there’s another food logging app that you’re more familiar and/or comfortable with, we encourage you to use it!

Maybe you prefer taking a pen to paper and writing it all down? Then journal away!

What you’re using to log your food isn’t as important as the act itself.

Yes, we want you to use MFP because it allows us to see what you’re logging and how we can help you stay on track. However, we understand the app isn’t for everyone. That’s OK! Use the app you feel comfortable with.

If you’re food journaling, be as detailed as possible (time of day, what you ate, your mood). The objective is to help you recognize healthy and unhealthy habits so we can help you make the changes necessary to ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

That’s what this all boils down to – achieving your fitness goals. Food logging isn’t about figuring out what foods to deprive yourself of. It’s about developing healthy habits and helping you consume in moderation when it’s time to treat yo’self. You’ve taken a huge step in investing in yourself and we want to make sure your return meets and beats your expectations.

Need help food logging? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions via the Facebook Group (we know you use that app). Keep up the great work!

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